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Garmin 12 Volt Adapter Charger Cable for GPS Nuvi StreetPilot Aera Zumo

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12V Adapter Cable For Streetpilot C530
Compatible with nuvi 5000, 800 series, 600 series, zumo series.

Product Description
Charge your GPS as you drive with this 12 V adapter cable. Perfect for use in a second vehicle, this item is not a replacement cable for the MSN® Direct receiver with integrated vehicle power cable that is included in the box with some units.

Compatible products for this item are:

aera® 500
aera® 510
aera® 550
aera® 560
nüvi® 5000
nüvi® 610
nüvi® 650
nüvi® 660
nüvi® 670
nüvi® 680
nüvi® 750
nüvi® 755T
nüvi® 760
nüvi® 765T
nüvi® 770
nüvi® 775T
nüvi® 780
nüvi® 785T
nüvi® 850
nüvi® 855
nüvi® 880
nüvi® 885T
SafeNav™ Powered by Garmin™
StreetPilot® c510
StreetPilot® c530
StreetPilot® c550
StreetPilot® c580
zūmo® 450
zūmo® 550
zūmo® 660
zūmo® 660LM
zūmo® 665
zūmo® 665LM

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